Marina Nitzak is a LMP (Licensed Master Practitioner) y LBP (Licensed Business Practitioner) of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certified by the Irish Institute of NLP ( and a professional Coach and Trainer since 2006.

Her professional experience since 1995 includes international project management in HR, Training, Business Development, Marketing and Communications in over 15 countries.

- Expert Coach in Life coaching, Career coaching, Love coaching, Entrepreneurial coaching, Executive Coaching and Group coaching

- Organiser, Facilitator and Speaker at many diverse events, conferences, presentations and workshops

- Corporate Training & HR Consultant for SME´s and international blue-chip companies, designing and implementing employee and executive development programs

Marina´s passion and interest in the human psyche has lead her to thoroughly research, study and analyse all types of human conduct and communication patterns throughout the different aspects and areas of our lives, cultures and circumstances.

Marina has developed many personalised tools, methods and services based on her personal and professional experience and interests, such as image consultancy, love coaching, consumer psychology and professional assessment and mentoring.

Her hand-picked team of collaborators include highly talented, trusted fully qualified professionals in Psychology, Training, Finance and Graphic Design, amongst others.

All coaching, training and consultancy services are available in English, Spanish and Russian.

We use most modern means of communication technology and applications in order to provide our high quality services world-wide.

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